YourV Studio

Müv Studio Pricing

Kids Classes Length
ART KIDS $15.00 Per Class or $50.00 for 4 lessons (+$10.00 for supplies)60 min.
Ages 5-14
Each week there is an artist of focus. Children will use a variety of media and techniques to create artwork like the masters!
FIT KIDS $7.00 Per Class or $25.00 for 4 lessons 45 min.
Ages 3 & Up
Where children come to get active and develop social skills in a fun and safe environment
HIP HOP $7.00 Per Class or $25.00 for 4 lessons 45 min.
Ages 5-8
A fast paced, high energy movement class using appropriate hip hop music of today.
KIDS YOGA $7.00 Per Class or $25.00 for 4 lessons 30-45 min.
Ages 4-9
A fun-filled class using imagination to utilize yoga postures and meditation techniques.
ZUMBATOMIC $7.00 Per Class or $25.00 for 4 lessons40 min.
Ages 4-12
Kid-friendly dance and movement mixed with games so kids can get fit while they rock out
Adult Classes Length
YOGA 60 min.
Ages 5-14
Stretch, hold and strengthen your way to a more firm, strong and invigorated body and mind. Practicing yoga has incredible benefits and offers a full body workout.
PILATES 60 min.
Ages 3 & Up
This great core work-out is an approach using proper body mechanics, movements, truncal and pelvic stabilization, coordinated breathing, and muscle contractions to promote stronger abs, arms, and back muscles.
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