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How do I sign up for classes?

1. Read about the types of classes and packages available and choose the type you want.

2. Reserve your spot in class! For children's dance classes, once you register they will be set up for auto registration for recurring classes weekly. If/when you want to cease classes, we need a 30-day notice and then we will cancel the auto reservations. For adult classes you MUST reserve your spot weekly. You can reserve multiple dates at a time but if NO ONE signs up, class will be CANCELED. It is your responsibility to stay on top of registering and reserving your spots in class. If you have difficulties, call the office at 801.944.8811.

3. Download the registration form(s) (at the bottom of the page), print it, fill it out, keep a copy for yourself, mail/e-mail/fax/bring in the completed form to the office.

4. With your paperwork we will find and offer you a spot within your requested time-frame.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at Müv Studio located in the same building as Dive Utah at 4679 S. 2225 E. Holladay UT, 84117. On the contact us page you can see a map of our location.

There is a parking lot as well as street parking. When you come around to Dive Utah's entrance, you will see a door just south of it that says SwimKids Office & Müv Studio. There is a staircase there. Come down and you will find us!

Can my child or me begin lessons at any time?

Yes! You can start anytime we have openings that meet your needs. If you are interested in a class that we are not currently teaching or would like private lessons or us to help you host a party, contact the office at or call at 801.944.8811.


You'll need to fill out these forms Muv Studio Registration Forms and send/bring them to the office.
4679 S 2225 E Holladay, Ut 84117. Fax: 801.527.3991 Email:

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you!

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